Adult Leadership

Our Adult Leadership Team is made up of qualified, properly trained adults, approved by our chartered organization. We are proud of and grateful for our parent volunteers who give their time and talents to lead our Pack to success.

If you see a spot that you want to help contribute, please reach out to our Committee Chair and Become a Leader !

  • Committee Chair: Tim Shore

  • Cubmaster: Chris Cardwell

  • Secretary: Crystal Castillo

  • Treasurer: Eric Lenz

  • Commissioner: Ken Bean

  • Assistant Cubmaster: Adam McKee

  • Photographer: David Lee

  • Popcorn Kernel: Emily Shreve

  • Activities Chair: Adam McKee

  • Advancement Chair: Kimberly Boyer

  • Blue and Gold Chair: Anna Shore

  • Camping Chair: Chris Shreve

  • Health Chair: Emily Shreve

  • Marketing Chair: MarĂ­a Alejandra di Fonzo

  • Membership Chair: Chris Cardwell

  • Religious Emblem Chair: Crystal Castillo

  • Service Project Chair: Anna Shore

  • Training Chair: Tim Shore

  • Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders

    • Lions Girls: Open

    • Lions Boys: Open

    • Tigers Girls: Jami Cardwell

    • Tigers Boys: Jami Cardwell

    • Wolf Girls: Julia Krepps

    • Wolf Boys: Adam McKee

    • Bear Girls: Emily Shreve

    • Bear Boys: Adam Schroeder

    • Webelos Girls: Open

    • Webelos Boys: Chris Cardwell, Ryan Nelson (assistant)

    • Arrow of Light Girls: Anna Shore, Tim Shore (assistant)

    • Arrow of Light Boys: Chris Shreve, Anthony Rozada (assistant)

The committee meets regularly to discuss upcoming events and other matters. The calendar for those meetings can be found here.