Dues and Fundraising

Scouting, like most extracurricular activities, costs money.  We strive to keep our dues as low as possible while still providing the best experience we can.  After all, a scout is thrifty.


How much are they?

2024 dues are $175 per scout

If you're brand new to scouting, there is a $25 new scout fee, too.

If your scout is interested, you can include an annual subscription to Scout Life magazine for $15.

When are they collected?

Our pack collects dues annually in the November and December pack meetings. Our dues cover a full calendar year, so dues collected at the end of the year (ex. December 2023) cover dues for the following year (ex. Jan - Dec 2024).

If you join our pack in the middle of the year you'll pay when you join.  That amount will be prorated for the months remaining in the current year.  For example, if you join in August 2023, you'll owe dues for August through December of 2023.

What do they cover?

Our dues cover 2 big things:  

What isn't covered?

Although our dues cover a lot, not everything is covered.  

* The pack may have a small number of donated uniforms in various sizes for those with financial limitations.


Our pack sells popcorn through Trails End, usually September through mid-November.   Proceeds from these sales contribute to keeping our dues as low as possible.